Top 10 End-of-the-Year Gifts for Teachers

by: Erin Dower
At the end of the school year, it's nice to thank your child's teachers for a job well done! Here are 10 unique teacher gifts that are sure to delight your favorite educator. Most cost under $50. Include a nice note on one of these printable teacher appreciation cards. Also check out our ideas for sweet homemade gestures for teachers. Not sure what to get or how much to spend? Check this video!
Teacher Travel Mug
Teacher Travel Mug
As any teacher will tell you, coffee is crucial! Pair this fun travel mug for teachers with a coffee shop gift card or bag of gourmet coffee.
Smartphone Vase
Smartphone Vase
Give your teacher a pretty place to store her phone and display some blooms on her desk at school (or on her nightstand at home). This two-in-one vase/phone dock is a useful, modern gift for your favorite educator. Fill it with the teacher's favorite flowers.
Constitution Tie
Constitution Tie
Male teachers can be tough to shop for (like all guys!). Uncommon Goods offers a variety of neat ties that are perfect for teachers. Choose from prints like the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, math formulas, Bach music, guitars, or brains.
pouch and nail polish
Composition Notebook Pouch
Fill this printed canvas pouch ($14.99; 6x9 inches) with a little treat for the teacher — maybe some nail polish (sold separately), a bag of her favorite candy, or a gift card for a local coffee shop. Consider having your child add the teacher's name on the blank line of the "notebook" with a fabric pen or permanent marker for a personal touch.
U.S. travel scratch map
U.S. Travel Scratch Map
Does your teacher have fun summer travel plans? This cool map ($21.99) allows him to scratch off the places he has visited. He can hang it up at home or in the classroom for a great conversation piece with students. If he's a world traveler, get him the world map edition.
monogrammed beach hat
Monogrammed Beach Hat
Most teachers love spending time in the summer sun, whether it's in the garden or on the beach. Help your favorite educator find some shade under this floppy monogrammed beach hat ($24.00 on Etsy), available in straw color, black, or white. If you aren't sure of all three of the teacher's initials, have just her last initial added. Plan in advance for this custom order.
Alex and Ani teacher bracelet
Alex and Ani Teacher Charm Bracelet
Trendy Alex and Ani charm bracelets are adjustable for all wrist sizes, stackable, and affordable (under $30). Their "Apple of Abundance" charm bangle symbolizes the sharing of insight and wisdom — so it's perfect for your child's wise teacher!
beverage dispenser for teacher
Beverage Dispenser and Lemonade Kit
Beverage dispensers are all the rage and make the perfect summery gift, with many options under $30. Consider filling the dispenser with lemons and a lemon squeezer so the teacher can go home and make lemonade! As an added touch, you could have your child write notes of thanks on the lemons, or — if it's a gift from the whole class — have students write their names on the lemons with a permanent marker.
signed plate class gift for teacher
Personalized Teacher Plate
A personalized plate with all the students' names also makes a great teacher gift. This one from Etsy ($25.00) comes in more than 50 colors, and can fit up to 40 students' names. It's a custom order, so remember to plan in advance!
teacher appreciation gift, spa gift card
Spa Gift Certificate
Teaching is a stressful job. A gift certificate for a massage, facial, or pedicure will help your teacher ease into a restful summer.
A Letter or Card from the Heart
Trinkets and store-bought gifts are nice, sure, but nothing will touch your teacher's heart like a heartfelt thank-you for a great year. A sincere, handwritten letter is a gift that's valuable beyond measure. These printable thank-you cards for teachers are pretty cute!