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Preparing for College

Are SAT scores, college applications, and financial aid concerns a big part of your life now? Here are the resources you need.

Afraid to Go to College

It is normal to experience anxiety over going to more

Applying to College

Applying to College Help your teen whip those college applications into shape. Get tips on writing a great essay, interviewing at colleges, asking for recommendations, and much more. Find out how to avoid seven deadly application mistakes.These tips will help your kids write a winning college essay. read more

Applying to College Early Decision

To determine if your child has a strong chance for acceptance under the early-decision process, carefully study the profiles of students who are more

Brother Leaving for College

Our expert advises a mother on how to help her four younger children deal with their oldest brother going off to more

Choose the Right College: Getting Organized

Choose the Right College: Getting OrganizedWhether you can't wait to start applying to college or are overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it, getting organized before you start is essential. If you know what you have to do and when, and if you have a system for organizing the hundreds of pieces of information that will be thrown at you, you'll be in control of this often unruly animal called the college application more

College Admission Advice for a New U.S. Resident

A foreign-born student with medical school ambitions gets advice on U.S. college more

College Admission and Extracurricular Activities

College admissions decision-makers believe that an applicant's extracurricular activities give them insight into you as an more

College and LD Services

Do colleges provide any assistance to students with LD?read more

College Application Schedule

College Application Schedule9th Grade Meet with your guidance counselor. Get copies of the courses offered, the requirements for graduation, and an explanation of the grading system. Draft a four-year schedule of classes that meet the minimum requirements for college admission. Find out about the extracurricular activities you'd like to become involved in. Build a flexible schedule that will accomodate time for studying, extracurricular activities, working out, and relaxing. read more

College Essay Tips

College Essay TipsAdmissions officers look for personal information that sets a candidate apart; the essay is the place for applicants to let their personalities show. By late fall senior year, students should be thinking about what they want to say and writing first drafts. read more

College for Adults

Our expert advises a 38-year-old who wants to go to college, but had a bad high-school more

College Life Quiz

Do you know the difference between the Big Ten and the Freshman Fifteen?read more

College Planning for Gifted Kids

College Planning for Gifted KidsDeciding on college starts with your own self-discovery. Once you can begin to answer questions about yourself -- your values, strengths, interests, and needs -- you're on the right road to matching who you are and what you want with what a college offers. Start with your grade, below.Seventh Graderead more

College Planning for Kids with ADD

Find tips for helping a teen with ADD plan for more

College Recommendations

College RecommendationsBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association Most selective colleges ask their applicants to submit two recommendations from teachers. These can have an important bearing on your chances -? particularly if they are negative. Here are some guidelines that should help you secure better recommendations: read more

Colleges Look for Self-Starters

An expert advises a student to reduce the number of hours in a part-time job in order to focus on other activities -- especially those of his own more

Common College Application Mistakes

Common College Application Mistakes The college admission process can be a scary one, but it doesn't have to be. Armed with good information and a solid plan of action, you can eliminate mistakes that might stifle your options or kill your chances of admission. read more

Dealing with the Stress of College Applications

Dealing with the Stress of College ApplicationsDealing with College Applications Stress Stressed about choosing the right college and getting in? You're not alone. Anyone who's been through this process knows how much stress and anxiety comes with it. What stresses me most about college is the decision. I want to apply to so many schools-I'm really undecided. --Senior Monticello High Schoolread more

Don't Shortchange Math and Science

It's important to take all required math and science courses, even though they may not be required for your field of more

Father Questions Son's College Choice

It's wise to adopt a supportive attitude about your child's choice of college, and to respect his choice unless he gives you cause not to honor more

Frightened by Idea of College

It's normal to feel confused and frightened about college and your future. A school counselor can provide ideas and more

Goal Setting for Your College-Bound Child

Goal Setting for Your College-Bound Child College students are treated very differently than they were in high school. The entire system is geared toward making them responsible for their choices and actions. They are expected to really want to grow up. If they resist too much they are going to wind up confused, depressed, or out of touch with their peers. And the school will let them know if they aren't making the more

Going the Extra Mile: Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions Quiz

What are college admissions committees looking for when they read your teen's application and check out her extracurricular activities? Find out just how much those extras more

High Achievers: What Price Are They Paying?

High Achievers: What Price Are They Paying?A Harvard Interviewer's Honest Assessment They come to me with SATs pushing 1600 and more awards than military heroes. The valedictorians. The student leaders. The super-jocks. They are applying to Harvard. They are the children you want your kids to become. read more

High-School Grad with LD Wants to Go to College

A high-school graduate with LD and a third-grade reading and writing level wants to know how he can get into more

Higher Ed for Homeschoolers

Higher Ed for HomeschoolersFifteen-year-old Jimmy Maslanka has his heart set on attending Indiana University in a couple of years. Jimmy has suffered from migraine headaches since he was four. He opted out of public school last year, when the severity and frequency of his headaches made it impossible for him to continue. Now he's a more

How Much Do You Know About College Admissions?

See just how college-savvy you are! Take the college admissions quiz!read more

How to Make the Transition to College

Here are concrete suggestions of things you can do over the summer to prepare yourself for more

How to Motivate the Reluctant College Applicant

If your child balks at taking the necessary steps toward college admission, there are gentle ways you can motivate more

Illegal Immigrants and College

While it isn't against the law for an illegal immigrant to enroll in a university, he or she may face some other more