Homeschooling High School

Self-initiated learning can be thrilling and can bring a satisfying sense of accomplishment.
I'm a student going into high school and in my public education I never felt challenged or exited about learning anything at school, so I started learning a little on my own during the summer and I enjoyed it. Although when school starts, I won't have any extra time to learn anything interesting or important. So, I was thinking about home schooling. Do you think it's a good idea concerning socialization and all?
I have seen homeschooling provide kids with educational opportunities that traditional public schooling has not provided. You have discovered the thrill and sense of accomplishment that self-initiated learning can bring. Your social life is, indeed, something to be concerned about if you and your family undertook a homeschooling education. Most school districts that I know of make sincere attempts to do what they can to keep their homeschooled students active participants in the social, athletic, and extracurricular life of the school.

I'd strongly recommend that you contact Holt Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In my opinion, they are the best homeschooling resource in the country. Their staff may also be able to put you in touch with kids who have gone through homeschooling and those who are currently being homeschooled. Talking with them would be a great way for you to make a more informed decision about your education. They also sell many books, which include the experiences of homeschooled kids, written by the kids themselves. Their phone number is: 617-864-3100 Their website is:

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