"Appy" Friday! FamilyEducation's Top Free App of the Week April 7, 2017

"Appy" Friday! Every week, FamilyEducation's staff chooses our top pick for free, educational apps for kids. Make sure to check back regularly for our weekly updates! And if you're looking for more free apps, check out our weekly roundup of our favorite free and educational apps for kids. Transcript: Hi everyone! It's Lindsay, Senior Editor for Family Education. Welcome to our new series, Appy Friday! Our first app that we'll be featuring is the Human Body by Tiny Bop. Here it is! Basically, it's a great way to teach your kids all about the human body. You can just kind of look around. You can see organs, the skeletal system, the vascular system. You can zoom in and get an up-close look at everything that's going on in the human body. We're using the lite version, which is free. If you're interested in downloading the full version, it's $2.99. And, yeah, if you're kid is interested in anatomy and physiology, this is a great app to download for them. Until next time, Appy Friday!