"Appy" Friday! FamilyEducation's Top Free App of the Week April 14, 2017

"Appy" Friday! Every week, FamilyEducation's staff chooses our top pick for free, educational apps for kids. Make sure to check back regularly for our weekly updates! And if you're looking for more free apps, check out our weekly roundup of our favorite free and educational apps for kids.


Hey everyone, and Appy Friday!


This week’s app that we’re featuring is from the Museum of Modern Art in New York and it’s called Mosaic Art Lab. And this is just a cool, simple app. You can play around with pictures and create fun little designs. It’s just something fun to give your kids to do to pass the time.


So what it does is it gives you this screen here and you can either pull a picture from your library, take a picture, or this is the roll-the-dice feature. So we’re going to take a picture of this zombie, here, in our FEN Learning Studios. This is a Poptropica zombie. And we’re going to take the picture, say OK, and we’re going to choose our filter. And then you hit that button, and there’s your picture.

So yeah, it’s a great little app. So until next time, thanks for joining us and Appy Friday!