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Story Line Game

Follow these easy instructions to learn how to play the Story Line game. It makes time fly!

Story Line Game

This is my favorite imagination game. You can play with as many people as you want, but a good number of people is about 10. Divide into two teams. You will need to do a little preparation in advance of the game—you need a couple of index cards that have a crazy sentence written on each one. For example: “The cherry-colored rabbits hopped along the riverbank until they approached the bearded turtle.” The goal is to incorporate this crazy sentence into a story line and see if the other team can guess what the crazy sentence was in the body of the story.

Each team must appoint a spokesperson. The spokesperson reads the card to him or herself and then shows it to his or her other team members. He or she then begins telling a story.

The spokesperson starts the story and can, at any time, point to another team member to have that person continue the story where he or she left off. The next person can either point to someone else to continue or you can time each person's story telling (give each person about a minute). Depending on how many people are on your team, the story can be about 10 minutes long. Each person on the team should get a chance to add a portion. You should try to get the crazy sentence in before the last person has added to the story line.

The object is to work the crazy sentence into the story line at some point. It can be at the beginning, the middle, or the end. When you're done with the story telling the other team has to figure out what the crazy sentence was.

You score points for correct guesses:

  • Three points for guessing what the sentence was
  • Two points for getting the sentence in
  • One point for guessing whether the sentence got in or not

You can also play with both teams contributing to the story. Both teams get a crazy sentence and they both have to fit it into the same story. So, you're all telling the same story, but working in a different sentence—you then guess and score in the same way. You can play to 20 points or whatever you choose.

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