Meaning and Origin of: Maze

Family name origins & meanings

  • French (Mazé) : habitational name from a place in Maine-et-Loire, named in Latin as Masiacum ‘estate of Masius’, from the personal name Masius + the locative suffix -acum.
  • French (Forez) : topographic name from a feminine form of mas ‘farmhouse’, ‘house in the country’ (see Mas 2), or a habitational name from a place called La Maze (Ardèche) or Les Maze (Hérault), named with the same word.
  • French (Mazé) : from a pet form of Thomas.
  • Northern Irish : of uncertain origin; possibly a variant of May.
  • Slovenian : possibly from a short form of the personal name Tomaž or its pet form Tomaže(j) (see Thomas).