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Your newborn baby could be going through up to 10 diapers a day, so you'd better be prepared to be changing diapers a LOT! Learn my quick, easy method for diaper changes with small babies.


The key thing when you're changing your baby's diaper is that you want her clothes to be way up high and you want to put your new diaper underneath the old diaper. So here I am I'm taking off her clothes, "hi!" and I'm going to push them way up. This reduces the likelihood that the baby is going to pee on her clothes and that you're going to have to change her entire outfit.

Little babies, especially boys, tend to pee when you're changing them it's like "whizzzz" hello! So you want to make sure that that doesn't happen.

So here I am I'm taking my new diaper and I'm putting underneath the old diaper. Once the new diapers in place, it's stretched out, I can see the tabs, at that point I'm going to take my wipe I'm going to have it in my hand ready to go. And I'm going to have some diaper cream in case I decide the baby needs some diaper cream.

So all these elements are in place because you want to reduce the amount of time that your baby is without a diaper. And I'm going to clean her carefully, wiping within the fold and always wiping from front to back to prevent infection. I'm going to take off the old diaper and right away the new diaper is coming up. My left hand is right there on the new diaper, at this point if she pees I'm going to catch it and she's not going to get her entire outfit wet.

Now with boys, it's also important to clean within the folds. When putting on the new diaper, point the penis downward to prevent leaks. And if your boy is circumcised follow your doctor's instruction.

So now I'm going to strap on the straps of the new diaper as securely and high as I can and my baby is ready to go.

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