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Visual Arts

Whether it's painting, pottery, or sketching, art class at school will allow your child to let his creative side shine.

A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of...When I was growing up, the high price of photography meant photo taking was reserved for special occasions. Now, however, inexpensive cameras, film, and processing are readily available if you shop around. Encourage your child to be a photographer now and then, recording people, places, things, and events that are meaningful to her. Materials Camera with filmDirections read more

Art and Artists Quiz

Art gives us a way to see the world through different eyes. See what you know about these famous artists. read more

Art for Homeschoolers

Art for Homeschoolers I remember being totally involved in an art project as a child in school. Suddenly, the bell would ring, signaling the end of class -- what a disappointment! Not only did I have to abruptly shut down my creative energies, but my artwork would be put aside until we had art class again the following week. Sometimes the next class was a new project entirely, and my unfinished work was simply discarded. Children who learn at home have a unique opportunity to enjoy the creative process for as long as they wish. read more

Arts on the Outs

Arts on the OutsFor more than twenty years researchers have been uncovering positive relationships between arts education and cognitive development in children. With benefits ranging from the enhancement of vocabulary and math skills, to the development of spatial-reasoning, arts education has come a long way from the days when it was considered to be a lot of fluff. read more

Bike Photo Safari

Bike Photo SafariMaterials Bikes and bike helmets Digital cameras (one per team) Directions This party is a picture hunt on bicycles. read more

Building the Basic Craft Kit for Kids

Building the Basic Craft Kit for Kids By having certain crafts materials available that are safe and can be used pretty much without supervision,your kids are encouraged to respond to their creative impulses and turn to crafts to entertain themselves. Once you've found the box you're going to use for your Kids Crafts Kit, decorate it together. Here are some ideas for things to put in it: read more

Building with Toothpicks and Marshmallows

Using toothpicks, marshmallows, and their imaginations, children create shapes, structures, and more. read more

Clay and Play-dough Recipes

Use these easy and inexpensive recipes for modeling and projects or to improve hand coordination. read more

Cleaning Common Crafting Messes

Cleaning Common Crafting Messes Inevitably, there will be those times when all your best efforts will fail and someone will create a mess that needs special attention. read more

Creativity Belongs to Children

Creativity Belongs to ChildrenWhen very young children start playing, with toys or with crayons, they listen to and trust themselves. They eagerly follow their instincts and their urge to explore the immense world in which they have just arrived. They seem to flow with the inner current of their creativity, and with amazing freedom. Adults love to watch the ease and enjoyment children have in inventing, and we marvel at the direct contact they have with creation. read more

Essential Woodworking Tools

Essential Woodworking Tools Crafty Clues When you buy power tools, consider buying one of the newer systems that works off an interchangeable rechargeable power pack. That way there's no cord to trip over and the tools are completely portable. Safety Signals Teach your child to be careful when carrying tools. She should always hold the sharp edges or points downward and away from her body. When handing a tool to another person, hand it to him handle first. read more

Expression Versus Catharsis

Expression Versus CatharsisWe want children to express themselves, but we don't want them to react and confuse creation with catharsis. Catharsis is not creation; it is only a release of pressure. When children paint in a cathartic way, they paint as if they were beating a pillow. They usually are in a state of tension, painting without respecting what they did before, mistreating the brushes, and making a mess. read more

Geometry, Color, and Piet Mondrian

Geometry, Color, and Piet Mondrian Age: Elementary and upTime: 30 minutes or moreType of Activity: Art Materials needed: White paper Red, yellow and blue paints, markers, or crayons Black marker Ruler Pencil Paintbrush Water Containers read more

Giving Children Feedback on their Artwork

Giving Children Feedback on their ArtworkIt is a fact that parents, teachers, and counselors try to support children's creativity, but often they do not know how. Through casual feedback or well-intentioned but ill-advised statements, they may inadvertently undermine children's creative spirit. Children are hungry for true appreciation. They do not want flattery, opinions, or even blind support for what they do. They want to be seen. Positive or negative evaluation brings creativity to a superficial level. Parents and teachers should never compare children's work. read more

Guidelines for Optimum Creativity

Guidelines for Optimum CreativityEleven Golden Rules read more

Homemade Decorations

Homemade DecorationsUse the following recipes to make decorative materials for use in various art and craft projects. Colorful Creative Salt Materials 1/2 cup salt 5-6 drops food coloring Microwave and microwave-safe container or wax paperDirections Add food coloring to salt and stir well. Cook in microwave 1-2 minutes or spread on wax paper and let dry. Store in airtight container. Use as glitter. read more

Homemade Glue and Paste Recipes

Homemade Glue and Paste RecipesThe following glue and paste recipes use a variety of ingredients and methods. Choose the one that best suits your project. For variety, add food coloring before using. Store all glues and pastes in airtight containers in the refrigerator. Glue Materials 3/4 cup water 2 tablespoons corn syrup 1 teaspoon white vinegar Small saucepan Small bowl 2 tablespoons cornstarch 3/4 cup cold waterDirections read more

How the Creative Process Works

How the Creative Process WorksIf we want children to use painting as a tool for self-expression and self-discovery, we don't need to teach them technique. On the contrary: we need to unteach it. The less technique children have, the more they use their intuition. Technique overrides intuition. As adults we should clear out unnecessary baggage for children's freedom of creation to unfold. When painting they must be allowed to follow the dictates of their intuition. read more

How to Store Your Materials

How to Store Your Materials Be careful not to use crafting as an excuse for collecting, rather than actually creating crafts. It's easy to do. There are so many books, videos, magazines, crafts sheets, new products, doodads, gadgets, and thingamajigs on the market you could fill, well, a whole STORE with them! read more

How to Use Art Materials

How to Use Art MaterialsTo explore the power of creativity, children need clear boundaries and good organization in the studio. A safe context allows them to enter the deep mystery of the unknown. Adults should be aware of how children are painting and help them use art materials in the most efficient way. They may have to repeat instructions time after time, until children have integrated them into their practice. read more

Intrapersonal Gift-Boosting Activities

Intrapersonal Gift-Boosting Activities Does your child tend to be a loner? Does he enjoy spending time in solitary pursuits? Whether bookworms or social butterflies, all kids need time to reflect on their lives and on what they have learned from their successes and failures. Here are some activities to help your child develop a reflective side. Choose your child's age group to get great activities.Grades K-2 read more

Intrusions to Creativity

Intrusions to CreativityTo create a magical context that fosters spontaneous inspiration and self-expression, parents and teachers need to become aware of possible intrusions into children's joyful processes. Commenting on children's paintings is extremely delicate and can be unknowingly threatening to a child. It may not seem like it because these questions can feel natural, but here are the three basic intrusions to children's creativity: read more

Papier-Mâché Puppets and Masks

Make masks and puppets using many different materials including old newspaper, plastic milk jugs, and fabric scraps. read more

Photography Fun

Photography FunMaterials Camera Film Directions If you like looking at people and at the world, if you would like to record what you see in a creative way, if you like to tell stories, then photography is for you. There are many things to learn so go to the library and check out a beginning photography book. Once you know how to use your camera, here are a few projects to try: read more

Setting Up a Painting Studio

Setting Up a Painting StudioChildren can paint in many settings. Here are a few ideas to help you set up your studio space. You don't need a perfect setting; depending on your situation, you may need to improvise. The main motto is: Keep it simple and available to children. Painting places or studios can be arranged easily and be quite efficient. If you do not have the best possible place, remember that the principles of creativity and the spirit of the method are what count. read more

Spatial Gift-Boosting Activities

Spatial Gift-Boosting Activities Some kids are always drawing, painting, or building things. But with a little help, all kids can learn to enhance their visual and artistic sense of the world. These activities encourage children to express themselves in visual means. Moms and Dads: don't be afraid to join in the act. When you give your kids a taste for art, there's no telling how far they'll go. Today the fridge, tomorrow The Louvre! read more

Take Your Camera for a Walk

Take Your Camera for a WalkAn Imagination Station ActivityAge: All agesTime: As long or as little as you wantType of Activity: ArtMaterials needed: read more

The ABCs of Arts Education

The ABCs of Arts EducationIn a September 1996 poll, reported in Learning magazine, read more

The Adult's Craft Kit

The Adult's Craft Kit This crafts container is filled with materials that are X-rated — for safety, that is. This kit is filled with tools and supplies that your child can only work with under careful supervision — and possibly some things he cannot work with at all. read more

The Joy of Spontaneous Expression

The Joy of Spontaneous ExpressionChildren need to stop worrying about what they do. The pressure of doing it right can take over and prevent them from being creative. read more