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Talking Back

Is your child's back-talking getting on your last nerve? Learn how to stop kids' disrespectful habit of talking back to you and other adults.

Child Always Argues

Suggestions on how to deal with an argumentative eight-year-old. read more

Dealing with Whining, Profanity, and Sass

Dealing with Whining, Profanity, and Sass “I don't like that tone of voice, young man!” “We don't use that kind of language in our house!” “Talk to me with respect, please!” Any of those phrases sound familiar? Between whining, swearing, tattling, and sass, many parents have their hands full. read more

How to Handle Back Talk

How to Handle Back Talk Did that Come Out of My Child's Mouth? Back talk: It stings, it shocks, it embarrasses, and it can turnyour home into a battleground. Jim Bozigar, head of community outreach atChildren's Hospital in Pittsburgh, runs a back-talk workshop for parents.He says that with a little understanding and self-restraint, parents canput a lid on talking back. read more

Seven-Year-Old Is Acting Out

Most families benefit from professional advice when a child becomes difficult to handle. read more