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Whether your child tells little white lies or makes up big, false stories, lying should be nipped in the bud early on. Find tips for stopping kids' lying habits.

ADD and Lying

It's not the lying that's the problem with most kids with ADHD. They need to learn specific skills. read more

Compulsive Lying

Learn how to deal with a child who lies compulsively. read more

Daughter Lies Repeatedly

A mother seeks advice about how to handle her 11-year-old's repeated lying and disobedience. read more

Dealing with a Child Who Lies

What's worse: the fact that your son lies, or what he's lying about? read more


Dishonesty is one of the most difficult behavioral problems for parents, because it can be hard to detect in your child. read more

Fourth-Grader Forged Mom's Signature

The teacher and school therapist are very concerned that a child so young would forge a signature; should the mother be worried, as well? read more

Gifted Eight-Year-Old Is Lying

Lying is common behavior in children, but it can be a serious problem. Ask yourself: How frequently does this behavior occur? read more

Granddaughter Is Stealing and Lying

A grandmother seeks advice on how to stop her granddaughter's misbehavior. read more

How to Handle Lying Incident

Teens will always try to outwit everyone and distract the adults from the main issue. Set consequences for bad behavior and stick to them. read more

Kids Who Lie

Discover some suggestions for dealing with a child who lies. read more

Son Lied About Where He Was Going After the Prom

It's very difficult for parents to give their adolescent kids respect, trust, and responsibility when the kids repeatedly lie to them. read more

Three-Year-Old Is Lying

An expert reassures a mother that it is normal for three-year-olds to lie. read more

Three-Year-Old Makes Up Stories

Give your child permission to be creative in telling "pretend stories" to you. read more

Truth or Consequences: Your Preschooler and Lying

Truth or Consequences: Your Preschooler and Lying Q-tip Harshly punishing lies themselves may make your child more likely to lie again. If you spank your child for lying it will probably only lead to more lies in the future—in an attempt to avoid another spanking. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Telling Lies

Begin by toning down the attention you give to your son's lying. read more

Why Children Lie -- and How to Deal with It

Why Children Lie -- and How to Deal with It Lies come out of children's mouths for a variety of reasons: read more