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Adults tend to forget all the sources of anxiety kids face. Learn how to help your anxious child manage separation anxiety, stress from tests and back-to-school time, and more.

How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for the Last Day of School

How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for the Last Day of School Childhood anxiety has become more pronounced and prevalent in our children. In fact, according to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, one in eight children has an anxiety disorder. A certain amount of anxiety is healthy; however, anxiety is identified as a disorder when the indicators are excessive and controls a child's overall functioning. read more

15 Books to Help Kids Overcome Their Fears

Childhood can bring a lot of phobias and anxiety — fear of the dark, or thunder, or monsters, or going to the doctor, or the potty, or school, or the dentist... Eek! So here's a list of great children's books to help kids cure their inner worrywart and rest easy. Looking for more? Use our Book Finder tool to search for new books for kids of all ages! read more

Afraid of the Doctor

Children normally grow out of the extreme reactions they exhibit when in a medical setting, but will do so on their own timetable. read more

Afraid to Go to College

It is normal to experience anxiety over going to college. read more

Anxiety and Problem Solving in Kids with LD

There is a relationship between anxiety and problem solving skills (and more) in all children, and especially those with learning disabilities. read more

Anxiety Attacks

A sudden onset of anxiety attacks usually has a specific cause that can be addressed. read more

Children's Fears

Different fears can pop up at any time for children, but the strategies for dealing with them remain the same. read more

Dealing with School Anxiety

Dealing with School Anxiety For dealing with anxieties about school performance, many of the techniques for dealing with anxious thoughts are relevant. However, parents might find the following suggestions helpful: read more

Fear of ADHD Medication

Learn how to help a child with severe anxiety become more comfortable with his ADHD medication. read more

Fear of Household Sounds

It's important to keep a three-year-old's life as secure and predictable as possible, and with as many regular pleasing rituals as possible. read more

Fear of the Toilet

Expert advice for a mother whose son fears "falling into" the toilet. read more

Fourth-Grader with Test Anxiety

Learn why preparation is the answer to alleviating test anxiety. read more

Health Problems Tied to Nerves

Sometimes a child's nerves can set off health problems. read more

Helping an Anxious Child

Find out how to help a child who gets nervous about school to the point of nausea. read more

Kids Facing Their Fears

Kids Facing Their Fears Fear is very persuasive. It can make even the most unlikely scenarios seem like certainties. When frightened, most children do not even consider the other ways in which a given situation could work out because they remain fixated on the fearful outcome. In reality, every event—good or bad—depends on a whole sequence of other events taking place first. read more

Moving Fears

Find advice on helping a child adjust to a move to a new community. read more

Ninth-Grader with Test Anxiety

Simple relaxation exercises may be the cure for a student who suffers from test-taking jitters. read more

Pre-Test Stress

Ease your child's stress before exams and big assignments. read more

Preoccupation with Death and Illness

While a child's fear may be focused on one topic, it usually reflects a more general anxiety condition related to a bigger problem. read more

Six-Year-Old Refuses to Swim

It's quite normal to be frightened of the steps it takes to learn to swim. read more

Teen Reports UFO Sighting

Learn how to react when your child seems to have an unnatural fear. read more

Ten-Year-Old Fearful of Everything

Today's kids are being exposed to far more anxiety-provoking information than past generations. read more

Test-Taking Anxiety

Learn a number of steps that might make test-taking easier for an anxious child. read more

The Hallmarks of a Stressed Child

The Hallmarks of a Stressed Child "I swear he's possessed," complained the mother of six-year-old Harry. "He has been in a foul mood for most of the week, and yesterday I found him in his sister's room cheerfully disemboweling her toy cat with a kitchen knife. The stuffing was flying everywhere. But the moment I went into the room, he looked up at me with these big helpless eyes (the knife still in his hand, mind you) and yelled, 'It wasn't me!' Then suddenly his face crumpled up and he started howling. His father keeps asking when his period's due!" read more

Worried About Grades

Learn how to take the focus away from grades. read more

Young Children and Tragic News

A mother seeks advice on how to reassure her young son that his dad is safe when traveling. read more