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Meaning and Origin of: Omar

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First name origins & meanings:

  • Arabic : Long-lived; highest; follower of the prophet
  • Hebrew : He who speaks; bitter

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Last name origin & meaning:

  • Muslim (found almost exclusively among Sunni Muslims) : from an Arabic personal name of uncertain etymology. It is thought to be related to Arabic ‛āmir, which means ‘prosperous’, ‘full of life’, ‘large’, ‘substantial’. The root word ‛umr means ‘life’. ‛Umar bin al-Khạṭtāb was the second of the ‘rightly guided’ khalifs (ruled 634–44). He was known by the title al-Fārūq ‘the distinguisher’, i.e. one who distinguishes between truth and falsehood. He was one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. The Persian poet ‛Umar al-Khayyām (1048–1125), also known in English as Omar Khayyam, is the author of the classic poem, the Rubaiyyat.
  • Catalan : topographic name for someone who lived by a group of elm trees, from the collective form of om ‘elm’.