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2nd Grade Social Studies

Second-grade social studies teaches your child the basics of becoming a good citizen.

Passport to Learning

Children "travel" around the world and fill in a passport to record what they learn about different destinations. Also included in this packet are activities to promote learning Spanish number and color words. read more

Reading Coordinates on a Map

Learn to read coordinates on a map. Where are the different items located? How would you give directions from one point to another? read more

Social Studies in Second Grade

Social Studies in Second GradeA large part of the social studies curriculum throughout the primary grades consists of learning about families, neighborhoods, cities and towns, and countries. Second graders focus their attention on the own neighborhoods - on landmarks, architecture, history, changes over time, commerce, distinctive features, and similarity to other neighborhoods. They also learn about and celebrate various local, state, and national holidays and festivals. They read biographies of important Americans. read more

Talking to Your Second-Grader about Social Studies

Talking to Your Second-Grader about Social Studies read more