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5th Grade Social Studies

Fifth-grade social studies help students understand the distinction between history and geography.

Social Studies in the Fifth Grade

Social Studies in the Fifth Grade History and geography are distinct fields of study in the fifth grade, although they should be linked whenever possible to what is being studied in language arts and in science. By fifth grade children are able to use several different kinds of maps. Further, they are able to use primary sources -- historical records, diaries, newspapers, and the like -- to enlarge their understanding of other people and other time periods; and they have had a fair amount of experience interviewing their parents and grandparents about other times. read more

State It

Learn the postal abbreviations for the states. read more

State Your Name Word Scramble

This printable will help kids build their knowledge of states and their nicknames. read more

Talking to Your Fifth-Grader about Social Studies

Talking to Your Fifth-Grader about Social Studies read more

The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments

The contents of The Bill of Rights, as well as the constitutional amendments. read more

World Geography: Sequences

This worksheet asks children to determine how four geographical locations are related to one another. read more

World Geography: Something's Wrong Here

Children explore geography by re-writing incorrect sentences. read more

World Geography: Which Doesn't Belong?

Select which geographical location does not belong in a certain group. read more