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4th Grade Milestones and Obstacles

Learn about some of the academic and social benchmarks your child will face this year.

Do You Know What Your Fourth Grader Should Know?

Will he learn about plants and animals, or concentrate on astronomy this year? Find out with this quiz. read more

Fourth Grade: Short and Sweet Activities

Fourth Grade: Short and Sweet ActivitiesWhy should the learning stop when the kids leave the classroom? Here are some simple things you and your fourth grader can do at home to build academic skills in reading, math, science, and history. OPEN YOUR MIND'S EYE As you read a story to your child, occasionally ask, "What does that remind you of? What do you see in your mind?" Mental images are important to ongoing learning. (You and your child might even try sketching images.) read more

Fourth Grade: What Will They Learn?

Fourth Grade: What Will They Learn?School changes quite dramatically for students in fourth grade. Your child will be applying reading skills in content area subjects such as social studies, science, and health. Study skills will become very important as kids will now be asked to write reports and handle long-term assignments. Find out what else your child will learn this year. Divide by one-and two-digit numbers. Use calculators and computers. Add and subtract fractions. read more

Fourth-Grader Lacks Focus and Attention

Make sure your child knows what is expected of him in fourth grade. read more

Fourth-Grader with Test Anxiety

Learn why preparation is the answer to alleviating test anxiety. read more

Giving Up on School

Detect why a fourth-grader might give up on schoolwork. read more

How They Grow in Fourth Grade

How They Grow in Fourth Grade Where They AreNine is a time of rapid learning for kids. Nine-year-olds: read more

Trouble with Handwriting

Could your child's handwriting trouble be hereditary? read more

Workload in the Fourth Grade

Read about a typical workload for a fourth-grader and how to help him organize effectively. read more