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3rd Grade Science

Find science activities to do with your third grader to improve her science skills and encourage a love for discovery.

Air, Air, Everywhere

Children create moving air, or wind, using plastic bottles. read more

Changes in the Earth's Surface: Family Activity

With this family activity, children and parents review vocabulary words about the changes in the Earth's surface and complete a home project to show how wind causes erosion. read more

Electromagnetic Fields

The two sheets in this activity have a reference article, data chart, and questions to enhance the children's understanding of electromagnetic fields. read more

Floating Egg Density Experiment

This easy and interesting experiment will teach children about the concepts of solutions, saturation, and density. read more

How Can You Crush a Gallon Can Without Touching It?

This teacher demonstration shows children the great force of air pressure. read more

How Can You Pour Air?

Children experiment with the concept of whether or not air can be poured. read more

How Can You Test to See If Air Takes Up Space?

An in-class or take-home activity focusing on air and the space it takes up. read more

Pretty Poisonous

Using the color key on this printable, color the poisonous frogs their appropriate colors. read more

Sad Panda/Glad Panda

Make a path that alternates sad and glad, but be sure to get sad panda glad at the end! read more

Talking to Your Third-Grader about Science and Health

Talking to Your Third-Grader about Science and Health read more

Third Grade Science and Health

Third Grade Science and HealthWhat your child should learn in Science The natural world is the basis of most science study in the third grade, just as it was in the earlier years. The teacher's primary goal is to foster the children's sense of curiosity about the world and their skills of inquiry. Teachers will make frequent use of questions that stimulate the critical thinking of the children: Why is that? How does that happen? What if...? read more

What is Another Way to Feel Air Pressure?

Working in pairs, children use suction cups to investigate air pressure. read more

What Pet Did Annie Get?

This printable gives you the clues you need to figure out which pet Annie bought. read more

Whirly Copter

This activity shows the ability and power of air. read more