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Grandma Lets Kids Misbehave

Toddler and Teenager Expert Advice from Carleton Kendrick, Ed.M., LCSW

When I'm at my mother's for the holidays, she allows our kids to get away with everything. Our nutrition and discipline rules go right out the door when we're at her house. How can we get her to respect our rules?
I would back off of strict enforcement of your nutrition and discipline rules at Grandma's house. I'd recommend treating this holiday time with your mother like a vacation. During family vacations, I suggest that parents suspend the usual dietary and discipline rules so that their kids (and they) can eat their favorite junk foods, stay up later than their usual bedtimes, and go to two movies in one day. It's my "banana splits for breakfast" philosophy -- a chance to be carefree and to indulge ourselves for a brief, giddy period of time away from home. We will return all too soon to "the rules."

In this particular case, let your mother "spoil" your kids for a day or two. Reframe the experience as one where your kids get to be indulged by your loving mother as opposed to seeing it as a violation and disregard of your family's rules. Short of feeding them pecan pie round-the- clock and encouraging them to steal the pears from her neighbor's tree, I can't think of anything that your mother could do that could not be embraced and enjoyed by your kids and you as "Thanksgiving at Grandma's." By relaxing your standards, you'll be giving your children and your mom a great gift. Happy Holidays!

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