Successful Work From Home Moms: Selling Products Online

by: Laura Richards
It seems everyone is selling something on Facebook and other social media sites these days. Moms share what they sell, why they do this, and how it helps their family.
mom works from home

Selling products online, whether it's through social media or a company site, is all the rage these days especially for moms. It gives them autonomy, the ability to bring in extra income for their family all while being present for their kids. These moms share their stories about how selling from home has helped them.

Moms who sell products online and work from home

Michaela Macchiarola of Garden City, NJ is a busy mom of four kids ranging in age from 10-16. They are active in sports, dance, and school activities. Michaela sells Beautycounter products to bring safe products to others after experiencing the product herself. She says, "I'd been using one Beautycounter product that dramatically helped rosacea outbreaks that I had been having. After trying many different products, with no results, I went to two different dermatologists who each prescribed different topical medications and nothing started to improve. A friend of mine sold Beautycounter, so I perused a catalog just to see what kind of skincare items they offered. After using just one Beautycounter product, the Nourishing Balm, my rosacea improved tremendously and I no longer needed to use any of the dermatologist's prescriptions."

After using this one Beautycounter item for a year, and purchasing for friends and family members at Christmas and for birthdays, Michaela decided to become a consultant. She shares, "I felt that the time was right for me to take on a whole new challenge, and decided to work from home. Working from home, as my own boss, on my own schedule, when my children are in school means everything to me right now. I also love the income I make, because it helps with all the extra items my kids may need that are not necessarily in our budget."

Another bonus of Michaela having her own job is that it allows her family to go out to eat and she can take the check and pay for it. She shares, "It may seem like such a small thing to other people, but I love how I was not looking for a part-time, work from home job, and it just happened for all the right reasons!"

moms who work from home selling online products

Carole Belair is a PartyLite Independent Consultant with two teenaged kids from Upton, MA. PartyLite sells candles, home décor and more. Carole shares why she sells, "It's simple, it's because of my children. My daughter is disabled and I need a career that provides me flexibility and stability. I work when I want to work and am still able to care for her full time."

It all started when Carole attended a PartyLite party and asked about the compensation plan, startup costs and the support and training. She shares, "I was sold on the free kit, weekly training meetings and the amazing compensation plan." Carole has been very successful and doubled her income in the seven months since she began as a Partylite consultant,"I was promoted to Unit leader and was able to quit my part-time minimum wage job."

Tanya Bernard, mom of four from California makes and sells washable cloth pads for menstruation, postpartum and incontinence as well as nursing pads for her own company called Pampered Shop Pads. About her business, Tanya says, "A big part is to help my family financially. I also do it for me; I enjoy sewing, and I use it to unwind and decompress from the day to day stresses of raising four kids, and gives me a little outside adult contact. I also get great satisfaction in helping women with problem periods or irritation and allergies to disposable products to find a solution that really works for them."

Tanya started selling her products back in 2010 when she answered a post on a message board for someone looking to have a birthing gown made. Tanya shares, "She asked me if I could come up with a washable and reusable version of the disposable perineal ice packs you are given in the hospital after childbirth. From there, my first two products, and my online shop was born."

Tanya has since expanded her selection of products though the initial Ice Pads are still one of her best-selling products. About selling products online, Tanya shares, "There have been times when my husband had been laid off from his job, and it truly was necessary to help make ends meet. It has paid for Christmas gifts for our four children, helped pay household bills, and the last two months has been paying our COBRA premiums. My business also gives me a tangible sense of accomplishment and an opportunity for me to teach my children life skills beyond cooking, cleaning and taking care of the household."

Stephanie Blattenberger is a mom from Massachusetts with two small boys and sells Norwex which are non-toxic cleaning products. Stephanie says, "I tried the products for myself and was so excited to find non-toxic cleaning products that work so well, I wanted to share them with everyone I knew. Since I was already telling all my friends about it, I figured I might as well become a consultant and help as many people as I can have a cleaner home."

After Stephanie was introduced to the company, she not only loved the products but loved the mission, "I thought it was a great fit to be able to share something I was so passionate about. At the time, I worked full-time as a nurse and had a toddler at home and I was so excited to have the ability to share something I love and get paid for doing it. Direct sales has allowed me the flexibility to earn extra income on my own schedule, which is super-helpful when you are a mom taking care of your family."

Because Stephanie is a nurse she says, "I am able to understand the hazard of traditional cleaners and their impact on human health. Bringing these products into my customer's homes is just another way that I can care for other people and make an impact on the health of others."