"Appy" Friday! FamilyEducation's Top Free App of the Week April 21, 2017

"Appy" Friday! Every week, FamilyEducation's staff chooses our top pick for free, educational apps for kids. Make sure to check back regularly for our weekly updates! And if you're looking for more free apps, check out our weekly roundup of our favorite free and educational apps for kids.




Hi everyone! Appy Friday.


This week’s app is Geoboard by the Math Learning Center. We really love this app because it’s a great way to get your younger kids into early learning math concepts like perimeter, geometry, learning to do area, stuff like that.


So, if you take a look at it, it’s a lot like the old school toy that we all loved when we were kids. There’s a bunch of colored bands at the bottom, and all you do is drag them up with your finger and they attach themselves to the board. And you can make all sorts of shapes with your finger. So, it’s a great way to just kind of play around with triangles and angles in general. You can use all different colors to make cool designs. And it’s a great way to just keep your kids entertained while they’re in the car, or you’re at the grocery store, or anything like that.

So once again, Geoboard by the Math Learning Center, great for ages four and up. This is a free app, and we hope you enjoy it. Until next time, Appy Friday.