Appy Friday: Planets by Dana Peters

Transcript: Hey everybody! Appy Friday! Welcome to our latest installment. This week's app is called Planets by Dana Peters. It's just a simple, fun little funky app that shows you the galaxy and the planets and the constellations based on where you are on Earth. Once it knows your location you can look at all the different constellations, move it around, see what's out there. Or you can go up to mode and then globe and you can take a look at Earth. You can see where the sun is and where it's not. You can grab it and move it around like this. You can also choose one of the other planets in our solar system, like Mars. You can grab Mars look around at the ice caps, the valleys, the mountains. And it's just a real simple little interface. It's good for kids, I'd say, 3 to 8, you know, just starting to explore the universe and our galaxy. It's a great app. There are no in-app purchases, so that's nice and safe. You can give it to them in the car, at the grocery store and just let them explore. So yeah, that's Planets by Dana Peters. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you at our next Appy Friday.