Appy Friday - Flipboard

Our top pick for this week's Appy Friday is the news app, Flipboard.

Hi everyone, Appy Friday! Our top pick this week, a news and information app, Flipboard.

Flipboard allows users to organize and customize their favorite news topics. The app breaks down stories into several categories, like news, technology, travel, celebrity news, recipes, fashion, women’s home, health... really any topic you’re interested in, Flipboard has it. There’s really something for everyone—. And it makes reading stories really easy because you can search all these topics in one place.

You can also create your own Custom Magazine and Smart magazine that includes the best content from any source, person, publication, or even hashtag. You can access Flipboard from any electronic device.

So check it out- Flipboard. I think you will really enjoy it. Appy Friday!