Appy Friday: DuoLingo

Appy Friday! This week we’re featuring DuoLingo, a free app that teaches you languages. It’s great for all ages and easy to use! Transcript: Hi everybody. Appy Friday! This week we’re highlighting DuoLingo. A completely gamified way to learn a new language. And I’m actually learning it to use Hebrew. So you can see on this screen here, the levels I’ve completed. And down here, are the levels that are locked until I finish my section here. And you can see even with the level I completed, there are some where I have to go back and strengthen (there’s a strengthen bar) – it’s waning. So I would go in and immediately it jumps you into a lesson. With a sound, a sentence and then you got to kind of figure out what they’re saying and put it out on the lines there. It’s great for high school kids who are learning a language in school to supplement. It’s great for you if you want to pick up a new language. It’s great for your younger kids if they want to play around with words and languages. That’s why we love it so much. It’s rated 4 plus but it is runs the gamut. So that’s our Appy Friday pick of the week – DuoLingo!