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Teens and Violence

Violence is unfortunately a part of teen culture. Stay tuned in to your teen's feelings and behavior, and learn how to keep teenagers and schools safe and harmonious.

Have Your Teenage Daughter Test Her Safety Know-How

Have Your Teenage Daughter Test Her Safety Know-How As you begin to enter adulthood, you will become increasingly independent from your parents. Do you know how to keep yourself safe when you are on your own? Read through the scenario below from Gavin de Becker's book Protecting the Gift and see how much you know about decreasing the risk of being attacked or abused. read more

Indications of Violence in Teens

There are some pre-incident indicators associated with boys who act out violently. read more

Is There One Common Reason for Teenage Violence?

Identifying any single or leading cause for human behavior is counterproductive. The reality is that all life factors exercise influence on people. read more

Obsessed with Gory Websites

An obsessive interest in gore, serial killers, rapists, suicide, and depression is definitely a cause for concern. read more

School Violence Reality Check Quiz

The media focuses on tragic crimes, but just how serious is the violence in schools today? read more

Talking About Date Rape

Talking About Date RapeSpotting a Predator Did you know that somewhere in America a woman is raped every two minutes?* If you've ever waited anxiously for your daughter to come home from a night out, now you can find out how to teach her to protect herself from sexual predators. Don't miss this exclusive interview with Gavin de Becker, author of Protecting the Gift, and America's leading expert on violence. Q: How can parents prepare their daughters to recognize the behaviors of "predatory" men? read more

Talking to Our Sons about Sex and Limits

Talking to Our Sons about Sex and LimitsIt's difficult enough to talk about sex with our kids, so it may add to your discomfort when I say that you need to talk to them about date rape too. Boys need to know when sex is consensual and when it's not. Because when it's not and sex happens, it's rape. Adolescents are going to experiment with their sexuality. And although their urges are normal and natural, we must teach our boys to be responsible about their urges. read more

Talking to Teens about Violence

Talking to Teens about ViolenceTHE SCENEIn 2001, my 15-year-old sat staring at the TV, horrified by the coverage of the school shootings in Santee, California. "My God," she said. "That could be me." If you are ever faced with a similar scene, you may find the following suggestions helpful. read more

Talking With Teens About Threats to Their Safety

Talking With Teens About Threats to Their SafetyThe Scene You've heard through the parent grapevine that a student in your 15-year-old daughter's school has been making violent threats. Over dinner you eye your daughter speculatively, wondering how to bring it up. "I hear some scary things have been happening at school," you begin. Your daughter rolls her eyes and says, "That's so not true... I'm not even going to talk to you about it, Mom. You always make such a big deal." She pushes her plate back abruptly and says, "I gotta study." read more

Teen Boys and Violence

Teen Boys and ViolenceDr. James Garbarino's book, Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them, has been called "an impressively well-researched, and thoughtful study of why some American boys become violent, even murderous." Following is some information from the book.Warning SignsFactors that contribute to child violence among boys: read more

Troubled 13-Year-Old Turns to Violence

The parent of a troubled teen gets advice on how to deal with his violent behavior. read more

Troubled Teen Could Become Violent

When a parent notices warning signs that her troubled teen could become violent, what should she do? read more