Improving EQ for Kids: Showing Compassion and Empathy for Others

In this activity, students are asked to match a picture of a helpful action with a picture of the person who needs the help.

This resource from EQ for Kids/Magdelonia’s Last Hope adventure courseware is brought to you through the collaboration of iGrow, authors Benedict Lim and Maria Plengsangtip and Nodma. iGrow is an award-winning psychological consultancy group that provides human and psychological capital solutions to help individuals, families, and communities achieve their goals. The group’s mission is to impact society by constantly striving to be the thought leader, advocate and enabler of happiness at work.

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Brought to you by Nodma, this printable student activity from the spellbinding adventure game EQ for Kids/ Magdelonia’s Last Hope will help you educate your students about showing compassion and empathy to others.

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