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Tips for the End of School

Tips for the End of School

Make a strong finish!

Here are the tips and resources you need to help you and your kids survive the end of school and enjoy summer.

1. How to decide which classes your child will take next year.

Gifted programs
Do you think your child has special talents? Don't miss out! Now's the time to submit parent and teacher referrals for gifted and talented programs. An evaluation period may be underway in your school to determine eligibility for programs in the fall.

by: A.S. Braverman

How to Make the Most of the Summer During the Pandemic

Making the most of summer during COVID-19

While times are challenging and the future remains uncertain, quarantine has helped all of us learn to make the most of the present moment. It’s given us the opportunity to step back and reflect on all the things that really matter, large or small. Now, we all know this will be a summer unlike anything we've experienced before. The question is: How can we all make the most of it anyway?

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