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  • Fear factor

    When I teach freshman composition--which I do all the time, actually, I try and make an effort to assign my students readings that will help them unde... read more

  • By proxy

    The parents in our Asperger's Support Group have an inside sort of joke between ourselves: it's called "Asperger's/anxiety/fill-in-the-blank-by-proxy"... read more

  • Full circle

    We spent the long Labor Day weekend in Maryland, visiting my family, celebrating my 40th birthday, and roaming through Ikea. I took T. for a walk on S... read more

  • He’s still there.

    My mother shook my body until I woke up. "Nana’s downstairs. She wants you to spend the night with her." I got out of bed and took a quick look at the... read more

  • Why T. still sleeps with us

    We are trying, gently and carefully, to help T. learn to stay in her own bed all night long. She always wakes up every night, sometimes at 11:00, or 1... read more

  • The space it left

    This weekend I found the time to undertake one of those silly, household tasks that I derive too much pleasure in: I cleaned out one of the cabinets a... read more

  • Sleeping big

    I haven't written anything about this, for fear of jinxing things, but for weeks now T. has been going to sleep by herself in her bed! She is still wa... read more

  • The scary things list

    Yesterday afternoon, while I was waiting outside T.'s preschool for the doors to click open at the magic hour, I chatted with a mom I know who has a t... read more

  • Irony and indecision

    Irony pronunciation: \-r-n also (-)r-n\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural iro·nies Etymology: Latin ironia, from Greek eirnia, from eirn di... read more

  • The happy spider

    * Let me preface this by saying that we do not live in squalor, but in the South, and it's summer and buggy. Enough said. I snuck upstairs this morni... read more

  • Spooked!

    L. is having trouble getting to sleep again. When he was eight, he used to drag his sleeping bag to the landing and sleep there, at the top of the sta... read more

  • The threshold

    I've been putting off scheduling an appointment for some time now. It's been in the back of my mind, but I keep pushing it aside, putting it off. It's... read more

  • Turn, turn, turn

    Our house has been decorated to the nines for some weeks now in preparation for Halloween. The day we broke out the decorations T. was beside herself ... read more