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  • The baby stuff

    My students have such a case of spring fever these days. My 9:00 class was almost giddy with excitement when I reminded them that we are two weeks awa... read more

  • The Co-Sleeping Conundrum

    How many of you have seen the ad with the baby sleeping next to a meat cleaver, suggesting that co-sleeping is just as dangerous? Or how about the &ld... read more

  • Are the French Better Moms?

    We just love to compare ourselves to the French (case in point: the best-selling book French Women Don't Get Fat). Now a new book coming out next mont... read more

  • Three years

    Three years ago yesterday we closed on our current home. We had spent the night before in a hotel room, cramming the kids and the dog into the small r... read more

  • Holiday redux

    We did it. Somehow, my husband, who has turned the art of packing the car for the Christmas trip home into an art form, managed to get what looked lik... read more