Kindergarten Prep: Use Your Walking Feet

Kindergarten readiness means your child knows the meaning of "following the rules." Your child should know how to follow the rules of his classroom.

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Following Rules

Kindergarten Prep: Use Your Walking Feet

There is every real possibility that your child's kindergarten classroom will have a set of rules posted on the wall. In every community there must be rules, which provide some sense of order and boundaries. The learning community is like a small society, and the teacher provides a sense of order and consistent boundaries. One way a teacher will often help students to understand their role in the learning community is by establishing a set of classroom rules.

What Your Child Should Know
Your child should:

  • Know what it means to "follow the rules"
  • Be able to demonstrate a good sense of what it means to follow a set of rules
  • Understand why it is important to follow the rules
  • Have the ability to apply and follow the rules to himself and others