Kindergarten Prep: Sportsmanship

Teaching your child sportsmanship is a big part of preparing for kindergarten. Your child should know how to be a good sport and begin to learn self-control.
Two young kids playing soccer outside

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Being a Good Sport

Kindergarten Prep: Sportsmanship

Being a good sport is a tough concept for kids to wrap their minds around. Young children naturally want to be the first in line or the winner of every game, and when they don't win or get to be first, they can find it frustrating. It is hard for young children to think past their own wants or needs or past their immediate circumstances and consider the possibilities that are ahead. Sportsmanship isn't a skill that is taught in a single lesson—rather it is an ongoing process of building character, empathy, kindness, patience, self-awareness, community awareness, and self-control.

What Your Child Should Know
Sportsmanship has many aspects. Your child should know:

  • That when things do not go the way he expected them to go it is still important to keep trying
  • How to express feelings of frustration or disappointment to others in such a way that helps him continue to be a positive member of his community
  • How to show others that he cares about them
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