Kindergarten Prep: People Have Different Things

As your child is preparing for kindergarten, he should know cultural differences. He should know that some people live in different houses and eat different foods.

Kindergarten Prep: People Have Different Things

Your child already knows that people need food to eat, a home to live in, and clothing to wear. These are the most basic of human needs, but not all people eat the same food, live in the same kinds of houses, or wear the same kinds of clothing.

What Your Child Should Know

Your child should:

  • Begin developing his awareness of how people can be the same or different in where they live, what they eat, and what they wear
  • Know that all people have value no matter what they eat, wear, or where they live

How You Can Help

  • While you are out and about in the community, encourage your child to notice the different kinds of homes that people live in.
  • Look for children's books or magazines to share with your child that show the kinds of clothing people from different backgrounds and different places wear. These examples can come from his own community and from around the world.
  • Introduce different kinds of simple foods or treats to your child, ones that are out of his normal routine and represent different cultures than his own.

As your child develops his awareness of the similarities and differences in homes, clothing, and food you can help your child develop an appreciation for those differences. Show him that that these differences make the world a more interesting and special place in which to live.

Reflect, Revise, Revisit

As your child notices the differences between his own life and the lives of others, listen to his observations and attitudes about those differences. Keep your door open to conversations about these differences so your child can verbalize his thoughts and develop healthy perspectives towards others.

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