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Elizabeth Kanna

Contributing Editor-at-Large, Homeschooler Network

Elizabeth is the co-founder of Homeschool.com, co-author of Homeschooling For Success (Warner, July 2002), co-founder of Genie U.com and the creator of the Dream In You, http://www.dreaminyou.com, a program that brings a team of world-class mentors into an individual's life to help them create their dream job or business.

Elizabeth's natural gift for encouraging others to live their best life, through personal coaching, life transformation stories and self-empowerment and lifestyle segments on UPN's Good Day Sacramento, and ABC's Daybreak, has earned her the moniker, "Dream Maker." She has carried her "dream maker" role into the consulting world. Working as a business strategist with a select group of CEO's, companies and entrepreneurs, Elizabeth transforms their business goals for success into reality.

Elizabeth has also been featured in scores of magazines and newspapers including, Forbes, CNN.com, MSN.com, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, The Industry Standard, The Village Voice, and The Sacramento Bee. She also has been a keynote speaker at homeschooling, education, business, and self-empowerment conferences.

Elizabeth lives in Sacramento CA, with her husband, and their three daughters, all of whom have always been homeschooled.