How to Become a News Anchor

An expert recommends which courses a student should take in college if he aspires to become a news anchor.
I want to be a news anchor. What should my major be? Do any colleges focus on broadcasting?

Many news anchors majored in mass communications or journalism. However, the job demands that anchors also must be well-versed in political science, sociology, psychology, and the sciences. Since you cover every part of the human experience as a news anchor, you will also want to get some experience being out there on the front lines in difficult situations. For example, you could volunteer at the scene of a natural disaster, work in an emergency room, or put yourself in any number of other situations that will prove later on that you have the grit needed for the job. You'll need to demonstrate grace under pressure in addition to completing the requisite college courses. Check the "Peterson's Guide to Colleges" and look up broadcasting for the best bets.

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