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  • Smiling Little Girl holding Pen and Writing on Paper
    Indoor Activities
    Learning to Write: The Incredible Expanding Sentence
    Learning to Write: The Incredible Expanding Sentence Incredible Expanding Sentences (also known as sentence pyramids) are a good way for your child to visualize how adding information to a sentence can make that sentence grow from the ordinary ...
  • Two Smiling Students Writing in Notebooks
    Indoor Activities
    Learning to Write: Sentence Stacks Activity
    Learning to Write: Sentence Stacks Activity There's no better way to teach your child about sentence building than by literally building sentences. Because LEGO bricks are stackable, it's very easy to show your child how you can "stack" details ...
  • 5-Year-Old Write Backward
    Cognitive and Psychological Development
    I Need Help! My Five-Year-Old Writes Backward
    Is it normal for a kid to write backward, especially when they're learning? Our expert weighs in on this grandmother's concern. ...
  • Smiling Kindergarten Girl Holding Stack of Books
    Indoor Activities
    Make Your Own Book Mobile
    Make Your Own Book Mobile Your child's first book report assignment can be very stressful. It's hard to know what elements go into a book report, how much detail to go into, and how to present the information. You can circumvent this anxiety by...
  • Preschool boy holding red pencil
    Kindergarten Readiness
    Kindergarten Prep: Name Writing
    Kindergarten Prep: Name WritingThe step following mark-making is letter writing, creating symbols that are recognizable to you and to your child. Young children often make the most progress writing the letters in their name before writing any ot...
  • Young girl on floor painting picture
    Kindergarten Readiness
    Kindergarten Prep: Writing Tools
    Kindergarten Prep: Writing ToolsIn learning to write, your child first needs time to explore a variety of writing tools. Over time you will introduce how to hold writing tools properly and your child will begin to perfect her skills in using tho...
  • School and Learning
    Factors Affecting Handwriting
    Factors Affecting HandwritingThere are many factors that affect handwriting. Environment: Environment can affect children in a number of ways. Lack of opportunity to play and experiment with graphic materials will have developmental consequences....
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    Award and Prize Winners
    Man Booker Prize Winners (1997-2014)
    The Man Booker Prize honors the best work of fiction written in English by a citizen of a current or former British Commonwealth country. In 2014, American authors became eligible for the prize. Considered Britain's most prestigious literary priz...
    Liz Olson
  • School and Learning
    Writing Assessments
    Is My Child a Good Writer?
    Take this quiz to learn about your child's strengths and weaknesses in writing. ...
  • School and Learning
    Literary Devices
    Metaphorically Speaking Quiz
    Those clever lines we always quote are actually examples of poetic devices. See which ones you recognize. ...
  • girl learning to write
    6 Benefits of Learning Handwriting in School
    Is handwriting becoming a lost art? The new Common Core Standards adopted by most states in the U.S. make teaching cursive optional and up to individual states. The rise of technology in and out of the classroom means fewer kids are writing by ha...
    Erin Dower
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Guess the Poet
    It's time to put on your literary cap. See if you can match these famous lines to the poet who wrote them. ...
  • Fine Motor Skills Printables
    Teaching Letter Formations
    This printable describes a helpful method for teaching correct letter formation. ...
  • Certificates and Rewards Printables
    Certificate for First Time Writing Your Name
    Print out this certificate to congratulate your child for writing her name for the first time! ...
  • Travel Games Printables
    Travel Journal: Grades K-2
    Print out this journal cover and have your little traveler color it in. Then she can paste the page onto (or into) a standard composition or spiral notebook. Voilà -- a travel journal! ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Writing Activities
    Family Newspaper
    Family NewspaperMaterials Paper Glue Pens and markers Computer and printer Scissors (optional)Directions Create a family newspaper to report on happenings in your home, record opinions on current events, and showcase hobbies, interests, and achi...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Writing Activities
    Address Book
    Address BookKeeping track of the addresses of friends and family members helps your child practice his writing skills, learn about alphabetical order, and learn how to write addresses correctly. Materials Pencil, pen, or marker Index cards Ruled ...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book
  • School and Learning
    Writing Assessments
    Writing Guidelines
    Writing Guidelines Once your child has gone through the process of finding a topic, brainstorming, and developing an outline, you are now on to what is often the most difficult part of the writing process -- the actual act of writing! I honestly ...
    Jonathan Mooney