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Transition to Middle School

12 Back-to-School Books for Kids of All Ages

Starting the school year is a universally exciting and nerve-wracking time for kids (and their parents!). Whether your child is off to preschool, kindergarten, middle school, or any grade in between, find some classic and new back-to-school stories that will help prepare and excite him for the year ahead! Looking for more? Use our Book Finder tool to search for new books for kids of all ages! read more

Balancing Rewards and Discipline with Your Middle-Schooler

Is your middle-schooler having trouble in school? Find out which works better: rewards or discipline. read more

Child with LD Dreads Middle School

Most kids are a little afraid of going to middle school, but they don't all admit it. read more

Is Your Child Ready for Middle School?

Do you know whether your child is socially prepared for this school year? Take our quiz and find out. read more

Isolated in Middle School

Assist a child to make friends in middle school. read more

Middle School Adjustment

Read ideas on helping a child adjust to middle school. read more

Middle School Reading Levels

Learn what level a typical middle-school child should be reading at. read more

Middle School: New Challenges, New Solutions

Middle School: New Challenges, New SolutionsWhen Chris started middle school, I attended an orientation for incoming parents where I was handed a flyer called, "Easing Your Child's Transition to Middle School." I hand it out now myself in my parenting classes for the parents of middle schoolers. It includes many of the themes in this book: Keep track of your student's homework, spend time together, know their friends. But the biggest message in that handout--and the biggest challenge--boils down to staying involved in your student's life and in the life of the school. read more

Middle-School Transition and Grades

If your child's transition to middle school is affecting her grades, there are ways you can help her. read more

Middle-Schooler's Grades Slipping

Slipping grades might indicate a bigger problem than learning to adjust to middle school. read more

Moving Up to Middle School

Moving Up to Middle SchoolBrought to you by National PTA Are They Kids or Teens? Do you remember what is was like to leave your elementary school behind? Some kids are psyched; some are scared. By being aware of the changes at school and the changes within your child, you can help make this transition to his new school go smoothly. read more

Preparing for Middle School

Find ideas on how best to help a student enter middle school in the fall. read more

Retention in Seventh Grade

Retention is rarely the best solution in seventh grade. Learn some other solutions in this article. read more

Seventh-Grader's Grades Drop Suddenly

The first year in middle school can be a traumatic transition for adolescents, especially if they did exceptionally well at the elementary level. read more

Shy Sixth-Grader

Discover some ideas for helping a middle-schooler overcome shyness. read more

The Pressures of Middle School

The move to middle school can be tough, even for the best of students. read more

Transition to Junior High School

The move to junior high school is one of the most difficult transitions that students ever have to make. read more