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Signs of Giftedness

Is your child gifted? Learn about signs of giftedness in children and giftedness testing.

Can Color Blindness Affect Gifted Testing?

An eye-care practitioner can determine what sorts of specific color combinations would be significant for a child with color blindness. read more

Determining IQ in Language-Impaired Child

A number of tests can be administered to nonverbal or language-impaired children to measure different aspects of intelligence. read more

Funding for Gifted Kids

Although a definition of giftedness has existed since the early 1970s, mandates for services and funding for programs have been slow in coming. read more

Gifted and ADD

What should you do when school personnel are not familiar with giftedness traits? read more

Gifted and at Risk for LD?

Sometimes gifted kids have an uneven early developmental profile. read more

Gifted Four-Year-Old?

The best way to determine intellectual giftedness is through formal educational assessment testing. read more

Gifted Kids or Gifted Mothers

Gifted Kids or Gifted Mothers In a fascinating study in the early 1990s, Ellen Moss and her colleagues compared the way that mothers of exceptionally gifted preschoolers talked to them during problem-solving tasks with conversations between a control group of mothers and children with only average scores on a standard IQ test. read more

Gifted or Not?

How to answer the question, "Is my child gifted?" read more

Gifted Person, Average IQ?

A gifted person might have an average IQ, but the question has a complicated answer. read more

Gifted Test Too Difficult?

A variety of tests may be given to determine a child's giftedness. Assessors sometimes try to test the limits of a child's knowledge. read more

How Can I Get My Child Tested for Giftedness?

If your child is enrolled in a public school, contact her teacher or the principal and ask to have her referred for testing by the school psychologist. read more

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Gifted?

Rather than debate the value of labeling kids as gifted, our expert tells a mother not to worry that her child is not in gifted classes. read more

Is Your Elementary-School Child Gifted?

This quiz can help you recognize the signs of special talents in your child. read more

Is Your Older Child Gifted?

This quiz can help you recognize the signs of special talents in your teen. read more

Is Your Young Child Gifted?

"Is my child gifted?" Take this quiz to learn how to recognize the signs of early giftedness in a child. read more

Kuhlmann-Anderson IQ Test

The Kuhlmann-Anderson Intelligence Test is a standardized group intelligence test that may be given in grades K-12. read more

Minimum IQ and Screening for Gifted Program

Unfortunately, many schools screen for achievement or intelligence, and do further testing only if the child scores at a high level initially. read more

OLSAT and Gifted Programs

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) measures abstract thinking and reasoning ability in students between the ages of 5 and 18. read more

Q&A: Gifted and LD or ADHD

Q&A: Gifted and LD or ADHDThese parents' questions may provide you with some answers about giftedness, LD, and ADHD. 1. I recently had my six-year-old son tested for being "gifted." I was told he might be at risk for a learning disability. Can this be true? Read the answer... read more

Should My Son Be Tested?

Reading a checklist on gifted behavior can help a parent determine whether a child should be tested. read more

Should My Son Take the SAT or the ACT?

Some colleges prefer one test or the other in their admissions processes, but both tests are good for selecting students for accelerated content-based programs, such as Talent Search. read more

Son Is Gifted, but Daughter Isn't

The problem of having one sibling identified as gifted and the other not qualifying for the program is difficult, but not insurmountable. read more

Talent Search Programs at Universities

The talent search programs identify highly gifted students. Middle-schoolers take the SAT or ACT as an out-of-level screening device. read more

Testing a Shy Child for Giftedness

Testing young children is a challenge, since they are can be less attuned to the demands of the testing situation. read more

Testing Bilingual Kids for Giftedness

A psychologist or diagnostician must determine the child's preferred language and conduct a language assessment before proceeding with testing for giftedness. read more

The Differences Between Bright and Gifted

The Differences Between Bright and Gifted read more

When to Test for Giftedness

How can I tell if my child should be in a gifted program? read more

Who Needs a Test to Say My Child Is Gifted?

Testing not only assesses whether a child qualifies for a particular program; it also identifies a child's strengths and weaknesses for instructional planning. read more

Will She Always Be Gifted?

Children who test as gifted early on typically continue to score in the upper ranges of intelligence tests. read more