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Punishment in School

It is important to know your child's school policy on discipline. Find out how different schools handle punishing their students.

Corporal Punishment in School

An expert explains why corporal punishment is not a healthy discipline technique in school or in the family. read more

Discipline in the Cafeteria

Sometimes schools seem to go too far when it comes to enforcing discipline in the cafeteria. read more

Fair Rules in the Classroom

Being supportive of a teacher's policies can be difficult when your child has to suffer consequences. read more

No Recess as Punishment?

Taking away recess as punishment often causes more problems than it solves. read more

Punishment by Example

Should children who break the rules be held up as examples for the rest of the school? read more

Should I Homeschool My Expelled Child?

If you want your son to finish eighth grade at home and then proceed to ninth grade at a different school, you are talking about tutoring. If you can obtain copies of the books he was using in school, you should have no problems. read more

States with Corporal Punishment in School

States with Corporal Punishment in SchoolIs spanking a child for breaking school rules a useful or destructive practice? Parents and educators are sharply divided. Twenty-one states allow some form of corporal punishment while twenty-nine have banned the practice. Would you support a policy allowing physical punishment in your school? read more

The Wrong Punishment

The teacher has a right to punish your child, within reason, but occasionally the punishment may be misguided or even harmful. read more