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Coping With Giftedness

Being gifted isn't always easy. Find out how gifted children can struggle with feeling different or left out among their peers and how to help them feel great about their giftedness.

Artistically Talented, but Unmotivated

It is not at all unusual for gifted kids to immerse themselves in a single subject or interest to the exclusion of other topics. read more

Bright Child Is Challenging to Teachers

Problem behaviors often surface when gifted kids become insecure or are bored in the classroom environment. read more

Challenging Authority at Home

When your child challenges your authority, there are ways to handle the conflict without damaging his independent thinking. read more

Challenging Gifted Kids

Just because children can learn the material does not mean that challenging them is in their best interests. read more

Child Hides Giftedness

Given the perception of giftedness by others, it is no wonder students try to hide their abilities. Gifted kids are often taunted by others. read more

Child Who Talks to Himself

A child who adopts behavior such as talking to himself is probably not in any real trouble, but it's worth exploring why. read more

Dealing with Not Being the Best

When a child is discouraged by not being the best in her class, it is helpful to find the source of her need to be the best. read more

Do the Gifted Turn to Crime?

According to one researcher, gifted people may make up as much as 20 percent of the prison population. read more

Dyslexia and Giftedness

When children are identified as both gifted and dyslexic, it is appropriate to provide services in both areas. read more

Exhausted by Gifted Daughter

Keeping up with a gifted child can be very exhausting, but there strategies for relief -- including knowing your own limits. read more

Getting Help from Teachers for Gifted Child

It is especially important that parents of a gifted child establish a collaborative relationship with their child's teachers. read more

Gifted and Also ADD?

Gifted children can exhibit ADD tendencies. Here are some tips on helping to diagnose this combination. read more

Gifted and Depressed

Gifted persons of any age can perceive situations more intensely, and the outcome is sometimes depression. read more

Gifted and LD Child Needs a New School

Moving is often difficult for families, and school placements can be challenging. There are resources that can assist you. read more

Gifted and Perfectionist, Like Her Mom

Perfectionism can be a problem for gifted kids, especially girls, but there are ways parents can help. read more

Gifted and Suicidal

Gifted children often have social issues that are just as challenging -- and trickier to fix -- than educational issues. read more

Gifted but Failing

Kids who have always been labeled as very bright often don't know how to handle the confusion and fear of coming up against concepts and/or content that they can't understand immediately. read more

Gifted but Has Terrible Handwriting

Different areas of development -- physical, intellectual, social, and emotional -- are often not at the same point in gifted-and-talented children. read more

Gifted Child Becoming Withdrawn

It is not unusual for an older boy to begin to become more selective about extracurricular activities. read more

Gifted Child Bored in School

Punishing your child for being bored will not force him to become excited about school. read more

Gifted Child Takes Too Much Time for Classwork

What are the reasons why a child takes too long to do classwork, and what can you do to help him? read more

Gifted Children and Sensitivity

Gifted Children and SensitivitySensitivity is usually at the top in lists of gifted characteristics. Accordingly, parents often ask me, "What does sensitivity really mean? My gifted child can't even remember family birthdays." Your gifted child may very well be both emotionally sensitive and intellectually sensitive; that is, acutely aware of everything in his environment and within himself. read more

Gifted College Student Doing Poorly

A low energy level, poor study skills, and emotional issues all demand intervention. read more

Gifted Daughter Is Overly Sensitive

Gifted individuals may exhibit supersensitivity in the physical, sensual, imaginational, intellectual, and emotional arenas. read more

Gifted Except for Spelling

Gifted children often demonstrate strengths and weaknesses. Try reframing a boring subject into a stimulating task to motivate a gifted child. read more

Gifted First Grader Is a "Holy Terror"

Misbehavior can sometimes be caused by a mismatch between what a child is being asked to do and what is developmentally appropriate. read more

Gifted Girl Needs Friends

A lack of social skills is one of the most heart-wrenching problems for many gifted children. read more

Gifted Ten-Year-Old Is Snobby

Sometimes gifted children use intolerance to mask other kinds of feelings such as insecurity, loneliness, or low self-esteem. read more

Gifted, ADD, and Disorganized

Forgetfulness and lack of organization are often associated with ADHD. These traits are even more frustrating in the case of a gifted student. read more

Gifted, Anxious, and Depressed

A mother seeks advice on how to help her gifted child deal with depression and anxiety. read more