Conversation Starter: Why Does a Town in India Plant 111 Trees Whenever a Girl Is Born?

Updated: May 15, 2019
Find out why the town of Piplantri plants 111 trees to help support new parents of girls.
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In Piplantri, a town in India, it is a tradition to plant 111 trees whenever a baby girl is born. The tradition was started by a father in memory of his young daughter. More than 250,000 fruit trees have been planted since then. The fruits from the trees give the community income they otherwise wouldn’t have. 

But not only this: Whenever a girl is born, the community raises money to give to the parents if they ensure that their daughter will go to school until she is 18 years old. 

How awesome is this initiative? It keeps girls in school instead of marrying them at a young age, it helps the environment, and it creates revenue for the community!

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What It Means to Be a Girl in Different Parts of the World

In India as well as in other parts of the world, the birth of a daughter is often not seen as a joyful occasion. In many regions, boys are valued much more than girls. Especially for poor families, the birth of a girl means a financial burden. Girls are often not allowed to go to school or to work or even to visit a doctor. To make sure she can marry, the parents have to give a decent amount of money to the groom’s family. 

15 million girls all over the world are married before they are 18 years old, sometimes as young as 8 years old. 

However, when girls are allowed to go to school, and eventually to college, their whole community is better off. Healthy and educated women have healthy and educated children. They contribute a great deal to the well-being of their country. Seventy-seven countries have a female president or head of state. Women can achieve anything when equal rights make it possible! 

What You Can Do
Girls can change the world. Ask your parents to watch a video with you on the Internet called “The Girl Effect” to understand why girls can have a strong impact in solving the world’s challenges. 

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