Conversation Starter: What Do People Eat for Breakfast Around the World?

Updated: May 15, 2019
Find out what children in other parts of the world eat for breakfast!
Breakfast Buffet

Many of us eat cereal, toast, or pancakes for breakfast, but did you know that children in other countries may have entirely different kinds of food in the morning?

Bowl of Pho

If you were a kid in Vietnam, you would likely have noodle soup for breakfast! The soup is called Pho and contains beef or chicken. If you were a child in Germany, your breakfast might be a bread roll with honey or ham and cheeses and a hard-boiled egg. If you were French, you may enjoy a jam-filled crusty baguette for breakfast, which is a long, thin loaf. Better still, how about chocolate filled rolls or croissants to dip into hot chocolate! Porridge is eaten across much of Africa, though children in Kenya might enjoy a kind of cake called the Swahili Coconut Donut, which is fried dough made with coconut and cardamom. In Japan soup, rice, and grilled fish might be on the menu. Yum!

Croissants and Baguettes

So Why Is Breakfast So Important?

You’ve probably been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but do you know why this is?

It’s all about stre-tch-ing energy! Scientists have shown that a good breakfast sets us up with the fuel we need for the day ahead! At school, you are better able to concentrate, which means you listen to the teacher and do your work well. Missing breakfast can make us feel hungry, tired, and grumpy, so eating before school can help with behavior and means you’re less likely to reach for quick-energy treat foods, such as candy and chips later in the day. And let’s not forget that eating a good breakfast means you’ll have lots of energy to run around at play time!

Cultural Breakfast

Try a New Breakfast!

There are so many delicious breakfasts eaten around the world! What do other people you know like to eat? Is it the same type of breakfast as you, or something different? It can be fun to try new foods; perhaps one morning, you and your family could try breakfast from a different country or you could try eating the same foods as someone you know!

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