Conversation Starter: What Are the Global Goals?

Updated: May 15, 2019
Find out what the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are, and learn more about how you and your children can help reduce pollution and poverty worldwide.
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The Global Goals, also called the Sustainable Development Goals, are 17 goals to make the world a better place.

In every country in the world, there are many things that are not the way they should be. For example, many people live in poverty, they don't have enough to eat or clean water, or they can't go to school or work in decent jobs. There are diseases, pollution, violence, and homelessness. Our environment is threatened by extreme weather, melting arctic ice, and unhealthy oceans. Animals and plants are endangered because we humans live the way we do.

The Global Goals ask everyone in the world, but especially all world leaders, to commit to ending poverty and fight climate change. Young and old, rich and poor--everyone needs to help save the world, because a challenge faced by some of us is going to affect each one of us. No child is too young to make a difference! Talk to your parents to find out how you can help.

The 17 goals:

#1 No Poverty
“We will live in a world where nobody anywhere lives in extreme poverty.”1

#2 No Hunger
“We will live in a world where no one goes hungry, no one wakes in the morning, asking if there will be food today.”

#3 Good Health
“We will live in world where no child has to die from diseases we know how to cure and where proper healthcare is a lifelong right for us all.”

#4 Quality Education
“We will live in a world where everyone goes to school - and education gives us the knowledge and skills for a fulfilling life.”

# 5 Gender Equality
“We will live in a world where all women and all girls have equal opportunities to thrive and be powerful and safe. We can’t succeed if half the world is held back.”

# 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
“We will live in a world where all people can get clean water and proper toilets at home, at school, at work.”

# 7 Clean Energy
“We will live in a world where there’s sustainable energy for everyone – heat, light, and power for the planet without destroying the planet.”

# 8 Good Jobs an Economic Growth
We will live in a world where economies prosper and new wealth leads to decent jobs for everyone.”

# 9 Innovation and Infrastructure
“And we will live in a world where our industries, our infrastructure, and our best innovations are not just used to make money – but to make all our lives better.”

# 10 Reduced Inequalities
“We will live in a world where prejudices and extremes of inequality are defeated - inside our countries and between different countries.”

# 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
We will live in a world where people live in cities and communities that are safe, progressive, and support everyone who lives in them.”

# 12 Responsible Consumption
“We will live in a world where we replace what we consume – a planet where we put back what we take out of the Earth.”

# 13 Protect the Planet
We will live in a world that is decisively rolling back the threat of climate change.”

# 14 Life Below Water
“We will live in a world where we restore and protect the life in our oceans and seas.”

# 15 Life on Land
“We will live in a world where we restore and protect life on land - the forests, the animals, the earth itself.”

# 16 Peace and Justice
“We will live in a world with peace between and inside countries, where all governments are open and answer to us for what they do at home and abroad - and justice rules, with everyone equal before the law.”

# 17 Partnerships for the Goals
“And we must live in a world where all countries and we, their people, work together in partnerships of all kinds, to make these Global Goals a reality for everyone, everywhere.”


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