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College Life

Find tips to make the transition from home to dorm as seamless as possible.

College Advice: Make Friends with Five Key People

College Advice: Make Friends with Five Key People"Try not to confuse independence with isolation. Successfully independent individuals make choices based on information gained from consulting with others in their community. There are so many faculty and staff in the college whose job it is to help freshmen make the most of college – don't neglect them." – Dean of Freshmen, University of Rochester read more

College Fears: How to Help Your Teen

College Fears: How to Help Your Teen Applying to college can set off a lot of emotional alarms for your teen. The reality of growing up and probably going away to school is daunting to some; others worry about measuring up. Here are some specific concerns kids air over and over: read more

College Life Quiz

Do you know the difference between the Big Ten and the Freshman Fifteen? read more

College Roomates

College RoomatesTake a Chance on Me Whatever your roommate situation might be, here are a few initial rules of engagement to keep in mind: read more

College Rooms

College RoomsI Have to Live Here?! Most college rooms are small, have cinder block walls, and look like jail cells – not exactly what you saw in the brochure, right? You might be one of those people who could care less about the way your room looks. If you're not, then use your creativity to spruce it up and make it more like something you can call your home. read more

College Student in Love with Professor

No college instructor should ever engage a student in this blatant sexual and manipulative manner. read more

College: Relearning Your ABCs

College: Relearning Your ABCs"In contrast to high school, where reading assignments took maybe half an hour at most, college assignments require large amounts of time and skimming skills. I often have to decide how much of the assignments to do, whereas in high school I was usually able to do every one." – Junior, Yale University read more

Dealing with Post-College Stress

This article provides general suggestions for dealing effectively with stress of all kinds. read more

Get What You Deserve Out of College

Get What You Deserve Out of College"Take the first semester seriously. Some students do not and find it difficult to then rebound their academic readiness as well as GPAs during subsequent semesters." – Associate Director, Office of Admissions, Purdue University "If I hadn't gone to all of my Shakespeare lectures – even though some of them were a bit dull – I would have never known that the prof was obsessed with us quoting the texts in our term papers." – Recent Grad, Wesleyan University read more

Getting Along: Tips for Freshmen Roommates

Getting Along: Tips for Freshmen RoommatesFreshman rooming situations can be a nightmare. My midwestern roomie got falling-down drunk every Thursday through Sunday night, while the Louisiana boy who shared a bunk bed with me made frequent ceremonial offerings to a legendary bayou voodoo queen. I realized within days that we were not going to be lifelong best friends. My goal was survival.Getting great freshman roommates is more a matter of luck than theresult of a college's sophisticated match-up process. read more

Getting Started After College

Getting Started After College Remember when you were in school? Sure, there was a lot to do, but looking back, it probably seems that life was a breeze. Sure, you had tests and term papers to do, but chances are that you're facing way more responsibility now than you did then. read more

Going to College Close to Home

Going to College Close to HomeGoing to college close to home might seem like less of an adjustment than going away to school, but it's still a big change. While you know the general area, the campus is a city all on its own and you'll have to adjust to it all the same. You'll be meeting tons of new people and making new friends, and will have to juggle new friendships with old friends who might be going to school at your college or one nearby. Here are a few hints about dealing with the transition to college if it's close to home: read more

Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidaysThey're Baaaack!They invade from every corner of the country, arriving in trains, planes, andautomobiles. They're sleep-deprived and burned out, bearinglaundry bags instead of gifts. Yes, the holidays are here, and ourcollege students are back home! read more

Home from College: Setting the Guidelines

College freshmen return home with a newfound sense of autonomy, and a vampire-like sleep and social schedule. read more

How to Become a News Anchor

An expert recommends which courses a student should take in college if he aspires to become a news anchor. read more

How to Make the Transition to College

Here are concrete suggestions of things you can do over the summer to prepare yourself for college. read more

Making Friends in College

Making Friends in College Hi, My Name Is . . . "In the beginning of the year everyone is in the same boat, knowing no one, so go out of your way and introduce yourself to a variety of people – it will make your year more enjoyable." – Sophomore, Fairfield University read more

Preparing for College with Giftedness, ADHD, and Dyslexia

Learn what steps to take to help a student qualify for special-education assistance at college. read more

Private College vs. State School

When it comes to finding a job after graduating, what you did in college can often be more important than which school you went to. read more

Problems Faced by College Freshmen

There are a number of books that parents will find helpful in understanding the problems many college freshmen face. read more

Returning College Student

It's a major transition period for both child and parents when the child returns home from college for the first time. read more

So You Want to Be a Sports Agent?

An expert gives some advice on which college courses will help you become a sports agent. read more

Staying Connected to Your College Kids

Staying Connected to Your College Kids How do you keep up a relationship with a child who is in college? Is it possible to nourish, and even deepen, your bond, despite being many miles apart? What's the appropriate number of times that you should write, phone, and visit her? Should you just cut the cord, acknowledging and reinforcing her independence, and let her determine how much contact she wishes to maintain with you? read more

Student Struggling in College

A college should provide professional help to a student who doesn't understand the basic reasons behind his academic difficulties. read more

Talking About Money with Your College-Bound Child

Talking About Money with Your College-Bound Child It is the summer after high school graduation and you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for the changes that are ahead. You have to get in some last mothering fixes before your baby leaves your nest and comes back a changed person. How do you get your almost-in-college child to sit still for your last-minute lectures? read more

The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect Get this one. You have gone through the angst of physical separation, maybe even the joys of a wedding, and then found your daughter at your doorstep, bags in hand. If this describes you and your daughter, we have a name for it: the boomerang effect. read more

The iConnected Parent: Are You Making Life Too Easy for Your Teen?

The iConnected Parent: Are You Making Life Too Easy for Your Teen? iPhones. Email. Skype. In this day and age, keeping in touch with people is almost always just a click, dial, or keystroke away. And this includes your college-aged child. Nobody ever said being close with your child is a bad thing. But is modern day technology making it too easy for teens and young adults to go running to mom and dad for help--and therefore hindering their ability to grow up? read more

Top 10 Care Package Items for College Students

Show your college student that you love and miss her by mailing a care package full of dorm room essentials and comforting treats. Whether it's her birthday, Valentine's Day, finals time, or just because, learn what to send to brighten her day. read more

Top 10 College Dorm Supplies

Sending your teen off to college can be a stressful and scary time. You want to make sure he or she is properly prepared and has all the essentials for living away from home. Here are some of the top necessities every new or returning college student shouldn't be without! read more

Top 10 Jobs on Campus

Our list of campus jobs will put a little extra cash in your college kid's pocket. With flexible hours and good pay, his studies won't suffer and he won't be calling you for extra money! read more