Speed Reading Skills: Preview, Question, and Read Method

Brought to you by Nodma, this printable from Brainsmart Speed Reading will teach students the basics of the speed reading and how to apply it.

In this activity, students learn about the Preview, Question, and Read method for speed-reading long text passages and comprehending and retaining more information.

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    Brainsmart Speed Reading is an interactive course from <a href="https://nodmalearning.com>Nodma</a> designed for children and young adults that will dramatically improve their reading speed for better day-to-day performance in and out of the classroom. Brainsmart helps students read faster, improve comprehension, and apply proven techniques for getting the most of the time they spend reading for school and leisure.
    <p>The Speed Reading course includes complete coverage of speed-reading techniques and their applications, passages and articles to practice with, and performance feedback to help guide the learning process.</p>
    <p>Brainsmart Speed Reading will help students read better, absorb more from their reading, and get ahead inside and outside the classroom! Perfect for back-to-school, standardized test prep, and reading-intensive classes like literature, social studies, and science.</p>