Fun Quizzes, Educational Tests & Trivia Online for K-12 Children

  • Note-Taking

    Test Your Note-Taking Know-HowDo you know what it means to be a good note-taker? Test your knowledge with our quiz!
  • Weather

    Extreme Weather DisastersWeather is an natural phenomena. Take this quiz to see how much you know about extreme weather disasters.
  • 8th Grade Milestones and Obstacles

    Do You Know What Your Eighth Grader Should Know?Will your child read complex literature or improve his spelling skills this year? Find out with this quiz.
  • Hobbies and Interests

    What Will Your Child Be When He Grows Up?Fashion designer or investment banker? Novelist or defense attorney? It can be fun to think about what your child will be when she grows up. Take this quiz to see if she's already showing signs of her future successes!
  • Dog Breeds

    What's the Best Dog Breed for Your Family?Pups come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Take the quiz to find the right dog breed for your family.node
  • Toddler Nutrition

    Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition QuizWhat do you know about toddler and preschool nutrition? Test yourself on some of the more common food and nutrition myths.
  • Baby Name Quizzes

    Baby Name QuizDeciding what to name your baby can be a hard decision. Find out how much you know about the meaning of names with this baby name quiz.
  • Activities and Crafts

    Activity Center Find endless activities for little hands.
  • Music Performances

    Live Music QuizSee how much of a music fanatic you are by taking this quiz on live music festivals.
  • Discipline Strategies

    What's Your Discipline Style?Are you too tough or too easy on your child? Take our quiz and find out your discipline style.
  • Environmental Awareness

    Environment QuizOur environment is full of useful resources. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the Earth and the world's intake of natural resources.
  • Summer Solstice

    Good Day, Sunshine! The Summer Solstice QuizJust what do they mean by the longest day, anyway? Test your solstice know-how.
  • 7th Grade Milestones and Obstacles

    Do You Know What Your Seventh Grader Should Know?Will your child study sociology or U.S. history this year? Find out with this quiz.
  • Multiplication and Division

    Multiplication QuizTest your multiplication skills with this fun math quiz.
  • Harry Potter

    Quidditch QuizHow much do you know about the wizarding world's favorite sport?
  • AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Can Be Healthy When it comes to screen time and kids, it isn't all bad news. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers guidelines on how to make screen time healthy and educational.
  • Brain Function

    Multiple Intelligences: The Many Ways We're SmartDo you think you know a lot about intelligence? We challenge you to take our quiz.
  • Blockbuster Movies

    Blockbuster Movie QuizFrom Alien to Jurassic Park, test your knowledge of the cinema's biggest thrillers and chillers.