• Dealing with Lower-Back Pain During Pregnancy
    Aches and Pains
    Lower-Back Pain During Pregnancy
    Lower-Back Pain During Pregnancy Imagine trying to carry a very heavy backpack (say 20 pounds) on the front of your body. You would probably change your posture to balance the load. You would plant your feet further apart, tilt your hips forwar...
  • Digestive Problems During Pregnancy
    Digestive Problems
    Digestive Problems During Pregnancy
    Constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and belching are all part of the fun of pregnancy. There's nothing to be embarrassed about here—it's a fact of life. Here's a breakdown of some of the issues you might experience. M...
  • Avoiding Unhealthy Cravings During Pregnancy
    Food Cravings
    Food Cravings and Aversions During Pregnancy
    Food Cravings and Aversions During Pregnancy Baby Talk A food craving is a strong feeling that you must have a certain food. A food aversion is a feeling of complete revolt against a certain food and the inability to eat it. Feel like eating a j...
  • Common Signs of Pregnancy
    Signs and Symptoms
    Common Symptoms of Pregnancy
    Common Symptoms of Pregnancy Frequent Urination Pregnancy Facts The urine leakage that occurs during pregnancy with coughing, laughing, and bouncing is called urinary stress incontinence. Don't be alarmed or surprised if this continues after pre...
  • Morning Sickness Relief
    Morning Sickness
    Combating 'Morning Sickness'
    Combating 'Morning Sickness' Hey Mom! Don't take any anti-nausea or motion sickness medications without talking to your doctor first. Also, let him know if you can't keep down your prenatal vitamins. Daddy Alert! Don't listen to people who tell ...
  • Avoiding Pregnancy Exhaustion
    Pregnancy Exhaustion
    Pregnancy Exhaustion Exterminators
    Pregnancy Exhaustion Exterminators Now that you've learned about things that add to prenatal fatigue, read about some natural ways to fight fatigue: Exercise: In addition to all the physical benefits of exercise, exercise is also good for boos...
  • How to Avoid Feeling Exhausted During Pregnancy
    Pregnancy Exhaustion
    Pregnancy Fatigue? What to Avoid
    Pregnancy Fatigue? What to Avoid Feeling exhausted? Avoid these things, which will only add to your prenatal fatigue: Coffee: If you haven't given up caffeine during your pregnancy, you might think coffee is the elixir of energy. But in fact, i...
  • Common Questions about Pregnancy
    Signs and Symptoms
    Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy
    Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy What should I take for a headache? Most doctors say that aspirin is fine for most of your pregnancy. You should avoid it in the last month. Tylenol, or an analgesic based on acetaminophen, is also recom...
  • Common Pregnancy Side-Effects
    Signs and Symptoms
    Side-Effects of Pregnancy
    Side-Effects of Pregnancy Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This During my first pregnancy certain odors were triggers for potential barfing. For example, I love to cook with sesame oil but could not be in the room with it while I was pregnant wit...
  • Easing the Common Symptoms of Pregnancy
    Signs and Symptoms
    How to Ease the Most Common (and Most Miserable) Pregnancy Symptoms
    When embarking on the road to motherly bliss, some women glow and others, shall I say, turn green. I was one of the unlucky green women. Although agonizing and uncomfortable (to put it mildly), these lousy side effects, including constipation, na...
  • Desirable Weight During Pregnancy
    Exercise and Weight Management
    Weight Gain During Pregnancy
    Weight Gain During Pregnancy It always seems like the first thing everyone asks when you return from your doctor's office is “How much weight did you gain?” None of their business! Understand that all women are different—and the rate and s...
  • Signs of Pregnancy Complications
    Medical Concerns and Pregnancy Conditions
    The Scary Pregnancy Complications You Need to Look Out For
    Although the normal discomforts of pregnancy can be annoying, they are not life-threatening. However, there are other symptoms that can't be ignored and need attention immediately. The Three Big Pregnancy “Tests” The three most alarming w...
  • First Signs of Pregnancy
    Signs and Symptoms
    Finding Out You're Pregnant
    The best of times...the worst of times... Finding out you're pregnant can be exhilarating, frightening, and downright baffling. You'll run the gamut of emotions from sheer joy to outright terror. It's not just the pregnancy you have to get throug...
  • What to Expect in the First Trimester of Pregnancy
    First Trimester
    First Trimester Basics
    First Trimester Basics by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney The first trimester is the most critical time in your pregnancy. Although the fetus at the end of three months is only about 4 inches long and weighs less than 1 ounce, all of...