Positions for the Second Stage of Labor


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The second stage begins when your cervix is fully dilated, your baby has moved deep into the pelvis, and you are ready to push. During the tiring second stage of labor, aid the effectiveness of your pushing with body positions such as kneeling, upright squatting, and being on all fours. Also see these positions for the first stage of labor.
Woman in labor kneeling
In a kneeling position, both your partner and the nurse can support you as you bear down.
Woman in labor kneeling on bed
Being on All Fours
Being on all fours with the hospital bed for support can be a comfortable position.
Man helping woman in labor
An upright squatting position is good for pushing and can be adopted if you have firm support from your partner. He can support you under the arms while you put your hands around the back of his neck.