• Why Miscarriages Happen
    Miscarriages Explained
    An early miscarriage is usually due to a problem such as a chromosomal or structural abnormality in the fetus. It may also be caused by a fibroid (a non-cancerous growth in the uterus), an infection, or an immune system disorder. Miscarriage occu...
  • Types of Miscarriage
    Types of Miscarriage
    Different terms are used to describe miscarriage, depending on what is found during an ultrasound scan or an internal examination.Threatened miscarriage is the term given to bleeding early in pregnancy, but in which the cervix remains closed. In ...
  • human embryo at 6 weeks exactly
    Week 6 of Pregnancy
    You are 6 Weeks Exactly Pregnant
    Your baby todayHere the back of the embryo can be seen lying over the yolk sac. The opening overlying the developing brain has now closed (left side of image) and this will be followed two days later by closure of the opening at the base of the s...
  • mature ovarian follicle on day 12 of menstrual cycle
    Week 2 of Pregnancy
    Day 12 of your Menstrual Cycle
    What's happening insideThis mature ovarian follicle contains a fluid-filled cavity (pale pink) known as the follicular antrum. At this stage, just prior to ovulation, one follicle has become much larger than the others, and it is this follicle th...
  • Coping with the Loss of Your Unborn Child
    Coping with Miscarriage
    Women who experience a pregnancy loss quickly learn that our society doesn't understand the pain of this loss. Well-meaning friends might say, "It was probably defective in some way so this is actually a blessing." Or, "You'll get pregnant again....