• heart of human embryo at 6 weeks and 6 days
    Week 7 of Pregnancy
    You are 6 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayAt this stage of your baby's development, the heart is a tubular structure, visible in the center of this image. It is, however, already providing your baby with a very simple circulation. ...
  • Limit Fish Intake if You
    Foods to Avoid While Pregnant
    The Story on Mercury and Fish
    The Story on Mercury and Fish Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and can also be released into the air through industrial pollution. This mercury then falls into surface water, streams, and oceans, creating a potentially toxic substance...
  • Foods that Affect Nausea
    Weight Gain Guidelines
    Nutritional Demands During Pregnancy
    Nutritional Demands During Pregnancy In active, athletic women, excess weight gain is rarely a problem. Guidelines for weight gain are about 3 to 5 pounds in the first trimester, then 1 pound per week thereafter after the first 3 months of pregna...