6 Baby Names That Mean Love for Your Littlest Valentine


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by: Lindsay Hutton
Check out our list of baby names that mean love, and make sure to tell us which name is your favorite for your Valentine's Day baby!
With several variations for both boys and girls, Emery is Latin for "loving." Some variations include Amery, Amory, Emory, and Amor.
Philo means "loving" and "friend" in Greek. Some variations include Philip and Felipe, and Philo can also be used as a nickname for a longer name, such as Philomena.
Carin means "beloved one" in Italian, "loving and kind" in Welsh, and "friend" in Irish. This name has dozens of variations, such as Caryn, Carrie, Cara, and Katrina, making it easy to find the perfect match for your little one.
The name Rami means "loving" in Arabic. It is not on the 100 most popular names for boys list, so it's a charming and unique choice for your little boy.
Kallen means "loving" in American. It's meaning has Dutch, Swedish, and German roots, with spelling variations that include Kalyn and Kalon.
Bukka is a unique name that is Hindi for "heart," "loving," and "sincere" — three perfect ways to describe a sweet little boy.