• ultrasound of human fetus 39 weeks and 5 days
    Week 40 of Pregnancy
    You are 39 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayThis great image of the hands even shows the fine folds that have formed in the palms. Every baby has a unique pattern of folds on the palms and on the soles of the feet that you'll see when your baby finally arrives. ...
  • MRI scan of human fetus at 35 weeks and 1 day
    Week 36 of Pregnancy
    You are 35 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayThis MRI scan shows detail of the baby's brain. MRI is particularly good at showing structures within the central nervous system. Taking and interpreting these images remains difficult and time consuming, however, so they are not p...
  • Preparing for a C-Section
    Everything You Need to Know About Getting a C-Section
    Let's start by defining a C-section. A vaginal delivery occurs when the baby is delivered through the vagina by natural means. In a C-section the baby does not go through the birth canal, but rather is pulled out through an incision made in the m...